Nicolas Cage as Ben Gates
Jon Voight as Patrick Gates
Jerry Bruckheimer
Jon Turteltaub.jpg

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National Treasure 3

Feb. 8th 2011

The National Treasure movies tackle the greatest unsolved mysteries of all time and National Treasure 3 is no different! There are many different opinions across the Internet as to the nature of the next mystery. I guess we will just need to wait see what happens in the next installment of the popular Nicolas Cage movie sequel.

Justin Bartha “Book of Secrets” Interview

Dec. 16th 2010

It has been a while since any news was released about National Treasure 3. While you are waiting for more news, here is an video of Justin Bartha on the Book of Secrets.

National Treasure 3

Mar. 19th 2010

National Treasure 3 is a long awaited movie by Disney, which has still yet to have any real details released. We have waited a while before posting this in the hope that some info would come out so we can report it to you guys, but here we are reporting the fact that we have nothing.

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