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National Treasure 3 Script Re-Written?

13/02/14 11:56 AM

National Treasure 3 is actually becoming a reality, albeit a slow drawn out one. Director Jon Turteltaub has announced that he would like to begin filming sometime over the next one to two years. The script was supposed to be written in 2010, it’s now 2014 and it isn’t finished? Most people would be asking themselves will this movie ever start filming?

Director Jon Turteltaub and producer Jerry Bruckheimer were very optimistic with the script at first however half way through it became apparent that it wasn’t going to be easy. Turteltaub told Collider in late 2013 “We want to do the movie, Disney wants to do the movie. We’re just having the damnedest time writing it. I’ll bet that within two years, we’ll be shooting that movie.”

When asked “Do you think it’s something that will still happen?”

Turteltaub replied “I’d say we’re about half-way there,” he continued. “It’s not only writing a great historical mystery, but we’ve gotta write something that has nothing to do with anything we’ve done before. The goal is to always have an original sequel.”

National Treasure: Book of Secrets, was released in December 2007 that’s a long wait for the third installment! Some fans are losing hope but at least here is more certainty that the franchise will soon have it’s third sequel .

Although we are still in the dark about the plot of the movie, some speculate it will be about what the president and Gates talked about in “National Treasure 2″, page 47 in the book of secrets. For now we can only speculate.

National Treasure 3

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