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Page 47 Secret Revealed in National Treasure 3?

13/01/12 7:19 AM

In National Treasure 2 “Book of Secrets” Ben Gates goes in search for the President of the United States’ book… the book of secrets. A non-official book which is supposed to hold coverups by the American government throughout history. In the movie Ben Gates is advised by the President  to read Page 47.  Ironically the information which is contained on Page 47 is never revealed during the movie which leads many to suspect that there might be an answer in the up coming National Treasure 3 movie. There is differing opinions about whether or not the third installment will even mention the book of secrets as some assume the third movie of the franchise will be something completely different.

So is Page 47 going to be a part of National Treasure 3? Is it going to be the starting point of the next movie?

Screenwriters Carlo Bernard & Doug Miro have been quoted as saying the following about Page 47:


“We were asked to start there, so that is where we’ll start. The plan is to start from what’s on Page 47. The idea of the Book of Secrets is spectacular. It’s a great idea. The second movie sort of introduced it and used it as the center of the movie, so it is smart to make the third movie ‘okay, what treasure hunt will come out of the book of secrets’, which is kind of what the end of the movie started.”


From what the screenwriters have said it certainly seems like page 47 is where National Treasure 3 will start from. No one can be sure however and i guess we will just need to wait and see what happens in the coming months.

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3 Comments on “Page 47 Secret Revealed in National Treasure 3?”

  1. Jacqueline Spielberg Says:

    I love these movies! I would love a continuation of just what page 47 is, please use the same actors. Every movie sequel should contain the same actors. I am very interested in our history and I find that the movie’s make learning for children much more fascinating. A faithful National Treasure fan.

  2. steve Says:

    Please make national treasure 3ASAP

  3. MJ Bauer Says:

    Yes, please keep the same actors. Why not just go ahead and call the movie National Treasure 3 Page 47?

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