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Nicolas Cage as Ben Gates? Lets Hope So!

27/01/12 11:26 PM

With all this talk around the Internet of National Treasure 3 being filmed right now as we speak it’s easy to get excited and believe the rumors. With the popularity of the first two films one would only assume that the next film is not too far off especially with all the interview chatter over the last couple of years from both Nicolas Cage & Jerry Bruckheimer.

Yesterday in an exclusive interview however Nicolas Cage revealed he had not heard any news about National Treasure 3. This shocking revelation was delivered during a talk with  Empire Online.  Nicolas is also quoted saying: ” it would be interesting to take National Treasure into South America”. This indicates that he has not even read the script and or that the writers have not finished yet.

This opens up questions about who are the actors going to be and when the movie will be made? Strangely enough this could be a diversion tactic to through us off the scent, but only time will tell. One thing is certain a National Treasure 3 is going to be made, whether it is being written now as first thought, or if it is even being filmed yet is unknown. Who will play Ben Gates if not Nicolas Cage? I can’t imagine anyone being able to fill that role like Cage.

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