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Jon Voight as Patrick Gates
Jerry Bruckheimer
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National Treasure 3 Release Date

15/08/11 2:41 AM

There is a real buzz in the air of anticipation surrounding the release date of National Treasure 3. There has been much speculation as to the exact date that the movie will be screening, with the official release date set at 2014. Some recent chatter around the Internet has placed the National Treasure 3 release date as soon as late 2011. Although very unlikely that these rumors hold any truth, we can hope that production is going well and ahead of schedule. We could be watching the new installment of Nation Treasure in 2013 if all goes to plan and production is not delayed. Not being able to confirm or deny a specific realease date for National Treasure 3 (yet), we are able to touch base on what we do know about the new up coming movie.

Back in mid 2010 screenwriters Doug Miro and Carlos Bernard were very busy trying to work out the twists and turns in the National Treasure 3 plot. When interviewed Miro was tight lipped and gave nothing away other than stating: “there’s definitely a treasure in it”.

National Treasure 3 cast and production crew are as follows:

Directed by
Jon Turteltaub (only rumored at this stage)

Carlo Bernard Written by
Brian Koppelman Screenplay
David Levien Screenplay
Doug Miro Written by

Jerry Bruckheimer

Nicolas Cage AS Ben Gates
Jon Voight AS Patrick Gates

National Treasure fans are bursting at the seems to get a first look at the up coming National Treasure 3 trailer. Various spoofs and knock-offs of the trailer showing up on are confirming the excitement and interested in this third installment of the National Treasure franchise.

National Treasure 3

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6 Comments on “National Treasure 3 Release Date”

  1. steamboat Says:

    I love the series, but am completely mystified why they have to wait 7 years between the second the third sequels ? Are they waiting until Nicolas is completely bald ? Can anyone explain the delay ?

  2. Margaret Says:

    Please release the National Treasure 3 more early in the year of 2013!!! NOT 2014!!! Please I beseech you! I can’t stand the waiting! I ask in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen. I so love the movie storyline!! Why not use, “Book of Mormon” as a puzzle the government brought from a thief. The thief stolen the lost 111 pages copies of golden plates from Harris that Joseph smith allowed to share but got punished. Do your homework research! Do not twist the truth! Thank you!

  3. Brianna Says:

    I love the first two and can’t wait until a third one comes out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Brianna Says:

    I love these movies, they are my very favorite movies, but what is taking them so long to do the third one?What are they waiting for?

  5. letha Says:

    I personally think that its about time
    National Treasure 3 was made when U consider
    the fact that end of National Treasure 2 was left
    open the way it was.

  6. Lois Says:

    I cannot wait until National Treasure 3 comes out. It is series that I love as much as Raiders. Thank you I hope it is soon

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