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National Treasure 3 Coming Soon?

04/07/11 11:20 PM

It is really hard to digest how long the film makers are delaying the third installment the National Treasure 3. The Franchise though commercially successful is still finding it hard to convince the production houses to press the throttle for this movie  while being occupied in other movies. It makes us wonder how would people be able to relate to a sequel which is released after 7 years from the release date of the original movie.

Will the third movie of the trilogy show us what is in the page no 47? Or will they still extend it to another sequel and another after that? We have to see it us for ourselves. Some people around the world may not be a big fan of National treasure 3 but there are fans who would love to see the sequel as soon as possible. They are the ones who go to cinemas not to think and exhaust their brain but to watch a thrilling treasure hunt movie. Anyone who liked Indiana Jones would definitely can’t deny that they like National Treasure as well. As long as there are fans for such a movie, film makers should not give a second thought about the critics but go ahead and make the movie.

It could be that they didn’t find the perfect script, or maybe the date is just an approximation and the movie national treasure 3 could be released sooner if the filming commences soon and if it completes as planned.

On a funnier side, is the lead actor Nicolas Cage or Benjamin Gates being kidnapped by a tribal group and National Treasure 3 film makers are deciphering it to bring him back to the studio? 😉

National Treasure 3

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5 Comments on “National Treasure 3 Coming Soon?”

  1. LaDonna Thompson Says:

    I would so love if there were a third movie or more. As a student in junior high and high school, I never cared for history but the National Treasure movies brought some of America’s history to life Nicholas Cage does an awesome job as does the whole cast. I will keep checking back to see if that is a reality.

  2. Shelly Says:

    I have been impatiently waiting for the 3rd National Treasure film! My family and I love the Treasure movies and can’t imagine why it’s taking so long for production. The cast of the last movie, absolutely made you want to follow them throughout another adventure. And as previously noted, it keeps the kiddos interested in history and encourages research into historical events surrounding these intense story lines! Please, keep them coming!!!!

  3. deborah Says:

    I cant wait for no 3 and really curious about no 4?? Please Jerry.. hurry up! Lots of aussies awaiting the third installment!!

  4. jay-rad-zooty Says:

    not to say that this is what national treasure 3 is going to be about but if you pause the movie when ben gates takes a picture of the page in the book of secrets, in big numbers it say “51” maybe as in area 51

  5. Roy M Says:

    Would love to see a NT3. Been too long of wait. One subject I’d like to see explored in a National Treasure movie (Perhaps NT4)would be based on the Superstition Mountain legend of the Lost Dutchman Mine – Jacob Waltz. Or take the lead from the History channel’s Legends of the Superstitions, where the Jesuits are brought into the mix. An exciting story line could be developed.

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