Nicolas Cage as Ben Gates
Jon Voight as Patrick Gates
Jerry Bruckheimer
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National Treasure 3 | Writers rolling up their sleeves.

25/06/11 1:27 PM

After a long delay the works for National Treasure 3 finally appear to have been kick started. We heard a word from the producer Jerry Bruckheimer, who produced the first two National Treasure movies, that work has been started indeed. But this was more than a year back. And we haven’t heard anything noteworthy since then. Recent happenings gives some hope that the works for the movie has indeed started.

The screenwriter Brian Koppelman has revealed last month in an interview that they are now done with the works for City of the sun and are now working on the script for National Treasure 3.

Apparently Nicolas cage has completed the other movies like Ghost Rider 2 : The Spirit of Vengeance that were on his plate and is now all set to don the role of Ben Gates once again. Watch this space for more updates about Ben Gates and his yet another adventure.

National Treasure 3

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