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National Treasure 3

08/02/11 11:16 AM

The National Treasure movies tackle the greatest unsolved mysteries of all time and National Treasure 3 is no different! There are many different opinions across the Internet as to the nature of the next mystery. I guess we will just need to wait see what happens in the next installment of the popular Nicolas Cage movie sequel.

National Treasure 3

3 Comments on “National Treasure 3”

  1. Kyla Says:

    Considering the Pirates franchise just came out with a movie centered on the Fountain of Youth, I doubt it will make a feature in National Treasure 3. I’d say Atlantis, since it’s most likely to bear a “treasure.” The Roanoke colony, not so much. That’s a little-known historical anecdote about a bunch of poor colonists. -.-

  2. mitzie rogers Says:

    Ihave been waiting for years to find out what was on page 47. When will this come out? I think these movies are as good if not better than the Indiana Jones movies. Harrison Ford carried those movies himself. National Treasure has a wide rage of stars to help these movies be what they are . They are something great for all ages. The book of secrets gives so many diffrent ideas to what they could find. PLEASE continue to make these movies I would love to add another box set to my movie collection.

  3. Becky Says:

    I cannot wait to find out at least the base of the movie, the mystery of page 47 has been driving me crazy! I am happy to hear Nicholas Cage and Jon Voight will be returning, but I am hoping that Diane Kruger and Justin Bartha will also be returning. It wouldn’t be the same without them too! Or Harvey Keitel as the FBI agent.

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